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How we do it.

A few facts. Studies have shown that more than 40% of all new appointments will fail within 18 months. 70% of our appointments remain longer, a fact for which our customers are very grateful. You can expect to have suitable candidates presented to you within a period of 4 to 10 weeks. If it takes even longer, we remain committed, no matter how difficult or complex the environment. We will continue and shall not be happy until we have successfully filled your vacancy.

The approach as the key to success. Years of experience, the combination of best practices in executive search with innovative elements from social media recruiting, as well as top technological support allow fast, efficient and accurate work.

The advice in the position and environment analysis at the beginning of a search, the resulting clear job profile and the customised search strategy, lead to great achievements in the quality and speed in filling your vacancies.

The”fit” to the company. Everyone knows how important it is that the person should “fit” the company. Our assessment solutions produce results very useful for the on-boarding phase and sustainable occupation of your vacant positions. These also include the analysis of personality profiles, recognition of motivation and behaviour styles in the job, and the clear results of cognitive tests for the analysis of the logical/analytical intellectual skills.


We find. There are over 12,000 people in the Pavelka-Denk talent pool.


Senior Executives
Managing Directors. Head of Sales.
Country Managers. Head of Marketing.
Department/ Area Managers.
Head of Finance. Head of Purchase.
Commercial Managers. IT Managers.
Legal Services Managers. Technical Managers.
Production Managers.


Business Development Managers.
Key Account Managers. Delivery Managers.
Program & Portfolio Managers.
Project Managers.
 Senior Managers.
Risk Managers. Finance Managers.
Legal Counsel. Area & Sales Managers.
Product Managers.


Sales Representatives. Business Analysts.
Software Architects. Engineers.
Application Managers. Security Specialists.
Software Developers Java, Oracle and SAP.
Requirement Engineers. Consultants.
Financial Experts. Data Scientists.
Lawyers. Compliance Officers.

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in our pipelines from Austria, Germany, the surrounding countries and the rest of the World. 

Talent Sourcing.
Where the appointments come from.

Active Sourcing: 23%
Passive Sourcing: 65%
Recommendations: 12%
> 7

Initial results in 7 days.


Communication und transparency.


Time to hire: 4-10 weeks.


Managing the process.

Assessment solutions.

We find talents and abilities. The assessment solutions by Pavelka-Denk are easy to use and demonstrate sustainable effects. Whether it is regarding the best appointment, improved quality in the on-boarding process or classic aptitude testing and assessments. Our goal is that every screening, each potential analysis or assessment represents an added value for you.

Secure recruitments.
Increase job satisfaction.
Professionalise staff interviews.
Increase productivity.
Organise teams.
Recognise talents and abilities.

Aptitude testing.
Personality profiles.
Motivations and behaviour profiles .

Test for das logical/analytical intellectual skills.
Role play
Work samples


  • High level of reliability and objectivity in hiring decisions
  • Professional advice for management in personnel matters
  • Visualised comparability of the personality traits of several persons
  • Simple and clear representation of the function-specific requirements
  • Uniform terminology in staff assessment subjects
  • Support for the development of more efficient teams
  • Professional support in management and team development processes
  • Maximum transparency and high scientific standards
  • International application thanks to multilingual availability and country-specific standards
  • Simple, easy to use handling and autonomous application
  • Minimum time spent for high quality standard

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sustainable appointments


of your staff are thinking about a job change. We find them.


productivity increase due to motivated employees.