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The experienced team of Pavelka-Denk HR Consultancy, based in Vienna, successfully recruits executives and professionals for sustainable corporate success.

Effective and tailor-made solutions are implemented with precision and a  spirit of innovation.

Our focus is on our clients.

Flexible human resources
for enviable results
We understand your needs and your desires and deal conscientiously with our clients. We perceive each and every client and candidate as an individual and treat them as such.
Flexible human resources
for enviable results
We analyze the facts: We leave nothing to chance and closely examine all of all the details applying our precise business impact analysis, our position and environment analysis, and our success factor analysis.
Flexible human resources
for enviable results
We act creatively: We explore the right path in each specific case and work as a team –and first and foremost with our customers.
Flexible human resources
for enviable results
We have the vision: Each member of our HR consultancy team takes care not to lose sight of the business impact (for companies) or the career impact (for candidates) at all times.




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We advise our clients individually and efficiently.

As a boutique HR consultancy with expert employees which specializes in filling managerial and expert positions, we work continuously on the best solution at the intersection of companies, candidates and job positions.

We prefer to work with our clients in a fast-paced, increasingly interactive and digital way, with open communication and direct accessibility. Do you want to increase your business impact for executive search positions or expert jobs?

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