Employee search for expert positions

Professional placement services facilitate important projects and goal achievement

In recent years, the search for specific experts, talents or high potentials has become one of the major challenges of recruitment work.

Having the right experts on board is critical to success: If companies fail to recruit the right employees, the achievement of corporate goals is sometimes prevented or projects can fail.

Companies are increasingly unable
to fill important expert positions because

  • There is a lack of talent
  • Incoming applications do not meet the company´s expectations in terms of quality
  • There is no clarity as to how and where the search makes sense
  • The filling of a job cannot or cannot yet be communicated
  • The company cannot or does not want to directly approach a candidate
  • People who have already been approached fail to respond

With the right expert, the company´s development improves: With the right professional placements, important projects can be carried out, business runs well, growth targets are reached, the company has a stable positioning and undergoes a healthy development. A strong mid-level is facilitated, innovations and flexibility are high and the company generally undergoes a sustainable development on the market.

Professional placement services help to ensure the
right people are selected for vacant expert positions.

The recruitment process: Professional Placement Services

In order to realize successful Professional Placements we implement numerous steps for you:


Business impact analysis, position and environment analysis and success factor analysis to identify the job


Target group definition, creation of a market-oriented job profile


Determination of the search strategy: Direct search/Active Sourcing, Network Sourcing, Media Sourcing


Identification and approaching of potential candidates


Screening of candidates


Matching “Professional Fit”, “Culture Fit” and “Personal Fit”


Evaluation of a candidate´s professional behavior by means of potential analyses and personnel diagnostics


Report on the candidate with his or
her curriculum vitae forwarded to the client


Decision process with advice and support


Deadline management


Feedback loops with candidates and customers
in the recruitment process


Determining satisfaction in the first months
after starting work


Feedback on current search results
at intervals of 7 to 10 days

This is what our clients experience.

Within the framework of our Professional Placement services, our clients can expect top personnel searches tailored to their needs. Our understanding of jobs and their requirements is very high. As a result, we create placements like no other.

  • The presentation of your future top managers and experts takes place within 4 to 10 weeks.
  • 70% of the new hires we place stay with the company for longer than the average.
  • You receive valuable input on your HR work through relevant analyses and reports.
  • We offer position placements for Austria and Southern Germany.

Talent pipeline for
intensive employee search

If your employee search involves a more diversified occupational group or if you want to make your personnel search more comprehensive – and open up more sources/search channels, for example – then we recommend our “Talent Pipeline”: this involves an intensive search of the market with a mixture of creative, innovative and proven methods using a direct approach.

In addition, we search our career pool of more than 25,000 experts and managers for a total of 10 weeks. For the search itself, clients will only be charged a flat rate and the media package. For employee searches a success fee will be charged minus the expense fee.

Our “Talent Pipeline” is also commissioned in the form of the outsourced talent sourcing of specific occupational groups.
At intervals of 10 weeks, the market is regularly screened for suitable talents. The pipeline can be continuously extended again and again or stopped without additional costs.
A special benefit for our customers: Understudies from our search runs are charged at a 30% discount.

"Active offerings" and "Targeted search for person search" as added value for customers

For very success-critical positions and a very precise search, we offer “Targeted Personnel Search” for Professional Placements: This is the search for the right people until the position is filled – no matter how long that takes. By means of a structured search, the right candidates are identified and approached. Invoicing takes place in instalments depending on how much progress has been made.

We offer our customers further added value through “active offerings”: If we come across candidates in the course of our search runs or from the activities in the career pool, who are currently open to change and who might be suitable for a position with our customers, we offer them proactively.

The fee is considerably lower than for a commissioned search and positions can be filled quickly, which in turn has a positive effect on the achievement of goals in companies. In the case of candidates who are not an ideal fit, a re-staffing option can be initiated within the first three months after the start of work for a flat fee.

With our Business Impact Analysis, the recruitment of experts is more effective, faster and more precise. Together we will find the right employees to upgrade your company´s business impact. After a 15-minute meeting, you will know whether we are the right partner for your professional placement.