Mag. (FH) Hermann Pavelka-Denk

Founder, Managing Director and Executive Consultant

A communicative, empathetic and persevering team player, Hermann Pavelka-Denk is fully committed to our clients whom he supports with a sense of purpose. This result-oriented and innovative visionary, thinker and implementer makes the future possible “now” and solves problems in an athletic manner, with both joy and enthusiasm. A catalyst, he is an expert in balancing and reconciling human needs and keeping the important balls in motion as he juggles projects.

He has worked in the human resources segment since 1999 drawing on his own values, strengths and talents. His theoretical expertise stems from his degree in business consulting with a focus on management, organizational and personnel consulting, market communication and sales.

Dream it. Love it. Live it.
This is how we work, and this is how we accomplish things that often first appear to be impossible.

We prefer to work with our clients in a fast-paced, increasingly interactive and digital way, with open communication and direct accessibility. Do you want to increase your business impact for executive search positions or expert jobs?

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